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About Us at Lone Star Lures


The Early Years ......


I experienced the joys of fishing at a young age. My older siblings and I would often accompany our Dad on his
fishing adventures. Growing up in New England we were fortunate to know the joys of both salt water and fresh water fishing. We frequented the shores of Sebago Lake, in central Maine, when I was a youngster. As I grew, and my siblings branched out, my Dad and I often went out on deep-sea charters. For the first few years I was content to fish for flounder on drop lines. All that changed the day I caught an eel, off the coast of Glouster, MA.( I still have vivid images of the deckhands piercing that fish's body to the deck.) After that I took up jigging for mackerel, or fishing for cod. I tried, several times, to catch bluefish. Somehow, they never seemed to be around when "our boat" went out. In my mid-twenties I took up trout fishing with my coworkers. We enjoyed many dinners of rainbow, and brook trout.

I also had the pleasure of learning to fish early on. When I was little, real little, my Dad would take my older brother and I to the lake nearly every weekend. We mainly fished for "black bass", as they were referred to in those days. We turned a lot of heads back then-maybe not so much for the fish we caught, but for the scene we created getting from one fishin' hole to another. We caused a commotion because my Dad owned a very, very fast jet boat - not your typical fishing boat. Some of our favorite lakes were Canyon, Braunig, and McQueeney (all located in the San Antonio area). When I got older, I spent summers with my grandparents on the Texas coast. My Grandpa used to make rubber minnows. We spent our days selling them to the local tackle shops. Maybe some of you remember Bert's Baits-well, that was my Grandpa. At night he and I fished for sand trout, and speckled trout. I was rewarded with the job of filleting our catch. We ate all we could, and then my Grandma packed the remaining fish into paper milk cartons filled with water, and froze them. We usually had more than enough to last through the winter. Unfortunately, no one knows what became of Grandpa's bait molds.



The Middle Years ......

Shane and I met at a Texas dance hall in the summer of '97. Our first date consisted of a fishing trip to Lake Travis. After Shane explained all the baits in my tackle box, catching fish after fish, I was hooked. One year later we were married on a ranch in Austin, complete with a horse and carriage. We honeymooned at the world famous Lake Fork. Our guide, Lee Knight, went on to join the Bassmaster circuit. We went on to camp, and fish, the lakes of central Texas.

Shane became interested in lure collecting after finding an Ol' Ben's Tor Mag at the Round Top Antique Fair, in Warrenton Texas. His interest grew as he purchased lures through Ebay. Sometime around the year 2000 he discovered the National Fishing Lure Collector's Club (NFLCC), and immediately became a member. I'm happy to say that since that time we have attended nearly every NFLCC lure show in Texas.

We have two children - Our oldest, "Junior", is a 2004 Nitro 17.5 ft bass boat. Our baby, "Tiger Lily", is a 7.5 lb Maltipoo.



The Later Years ...........


(to be continued, we're not there yet)



Lone Star Lures

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Lone Star Lures

Here's a little History of ourselves at Lone Star Lures. Please send us an email if you see a lure your interested in. We also buy and trade various lures. We enjoy the hobby of lure collecting and are always interested in discussing fishing and the hobby of collecting vintage fishing equipment especially lures.

We hope to see you at the next show in Texas. Stop by and say hello!



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